Smart helicopter load sensor takes on the big jobs

HeliNav LoadMaster, the intelligent wireless helicopter load sensor has been upgraded with inclinometer and accelerometer capabilities so that it can be used with large underslung loads that will typically have be suspended from three loadpoints by three cables. Mark Ingham of manufacturer Sensor Technology Ltd explains: “Heavy lift helicopters have... Read More

HeliNav LoadMaster Wireless Load Sensor

Smart Load monitor checks cargo in flight & boosts profits

Upgrades to the innovative HeliNav LoadMaster wireless load monitor for helicopter cargo hooks are to be launched at HeliExpo, Las Vegas 4-7 March 2013, Booth number C2432. Developed by Sensor Technology Ltd of Oxfordshire, England, HeliNav is an autonomous system that does not need integrating into the aircraft. This means... Read More

Wireless heli-Load sensor updates Receiver Interface

A new receiver has been launched for HeliNav LoadMaster, the helicopter-qualified wireless load sensor made by Sensor Technology Ltd. It provides users with the simplest way to receive load sensor data for analysis, interpretation and creation of management and customer reports. It is ruggedly built and enclosed in a robust... Read More

Heli-Load Sensor has simple or comprehensive display options

An intelligent wireless helicopter load sensor has a choice of two displays, offering simple or comprehensive data read outs, so that users can select the best option for their operational needs. The HeliNav LoadMaster’s simple sensor display is a small and lightweight unit designed for easy mounting in the helicopters... Read More

Range of RWT torque sensors

Sensors: The Next Big Thing

Sensors being integrated into ever-more products and systems will be a key driver for technology developments for the next several decades. So says Mark Ingham of Sensor Technology Ltd in Banbury. Most people have had a tough few years, but as a sensor company we have been lucky. Many of... Read More

Tony Ingham

Talking Sense about technology transfer

Technology transfer may prove one of the cornerstone engines for growth as the UK emerges from recession over the coming months. Sensor Technology in Oxon are virtually addicted to the habit, so we asked their Tony Ingham how it has shaped the company’s development and what the future holds. Wireless... Read More

HeliNav LoadMaster Wireless Load Sensor

Super Smart Helicopter Load Sensor Knows Everything

A helicopter load sensor to be launched at Helitech marries GPS (global positioning system) track guidance with load sensing and a host of other intelligent functions to automatically optimise complex operations such as spraying and multiple random load billing. Incredibly the HeliNav-LoadMaster sensor is completely autonomous with its own on-board... Read More

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