Eco-runner Team Delft wins the Shell Eco-Marathon

Eco Runner Team Delft

Eco-Runner Team Delft (TU Delft) has won the Shell Eco-Marathon 2022. The Eco-Runner Team have been using a torque transducer supplied via our Netherlands distributor, Althen Sensors & Controls to measure the torque strength at various rotational speeds.

A statement posted to the team’s LinkedIn page said:

We did it! We won the Eco-marathon 2022! It has been an unforgettable week at the TT Circuit Assen and we are delighted to share with you that we reached an efficiency of 486 km/m^3 hydrogen! This equals to 5407 km on a kilogram of hydrogen, an incredible improvement compared to our previous record!

A year long we dreamed of such a high efficiency, but to actually make it come true is an amazing achievement. Through hard work and endless engineering, we have come to a result with which we couldn’t be happier. This truly shows the importance of efficiency and the enormous potential of hydrogen for the transport sector.

We are extremely proud of our team. And what a team it is. We worked the entire year with 23 ambitious students and everyone has put in hard work to ultimately deliver such a great outcome. We want to thank our partners for their support and helping us make our vision become reality.

You can find out more about Eco-Runner Team Delft’s application story on our website, and read the full list of results on the Shell Eco-Marathon website.