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Sensor Technology has researched and developed solutions for customers’ measurement requirements, for over 40 years, creating its own unique technologies for the instrumentation, test and OEM markets worldwide. If you would like more information, please complete the enquiry form.

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Learn how  Cap Coder Ltd is using our rotary torque sensor in its bottle capping machines, helping to ensure caps are being properly fitted to pharmaceutical bottles.

Torque Measurement Applications

Our non-contact, rotary torque sensors are used across a number of applications including on a development test-rig for a hydrogen powered car, peristaltic pumps, medical markers, electric and hybrid powertrains, testing aircraft landing gear, tidal turbines, viscosity, as well as several university and educational institutes.

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TorqSense Digital Rotary Strain Gauge Torque Transducers use modern non-contact strain gauge signal conditioning techniques to provide a wide bandwidth measuring solution with high over-range reading and overload. Ranges from 175mNm to 13000Nm.

LoadSense Wireless Load Cells and transducers are available in ranges from 1 to 50 tonnes. Applications include load monitoring, fork lift and materials handling.

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