Gongs Galore

Sensor Technology picked up its second prestigious overseas award of the year at Asia’s premier industrial exhibition in July, following on from a similar success at Sensors 2006 in Chicago in May.

Both awards were for the new digital TorqSense RWT310/320 series non-contact torque monitoring transducer, which has been receiving its international launch this year after its successful introduction into the UK market in 2004.

Just back from PSA (Pumps & Systems Asia) 2006, the regional equivalent of the Hanover Messe, Sensor Technology’s Commercial Director Nick Hopkins, was delighted:

“Our domestic launch for the TorqSense series generated so many enquiries that we were running to keep up for two years. We then went for a fairly low key European launch at Hanover in 2005 as a way to manage demand. Now with production in full swing we have spread our wings fully east and west.”

Both Asia and America have bold investment strategies, the former building an industrial infrastructure and the latter making sure its industry remains globally competitive. Both are keen on trying new technologies and both appreciate the benefits of efficiency.

TorqSense is a plug-and-play digital torque sensor, which picks up and analyses a radio signal from a miniature piezo electric detector on the rotating shaft being monitored. It is fully self-contained, can be set up in minutes and generates outputs that can be read locally by a technician or transmitted to computers and control systems.

Unlike other torque sensors TorqSense is mechanically simple with its sensors fixed to the shaft and a rotating RF antenna used to allow coupling with its digital electronics and immunity from magnetic fields, so there is no need for complicated and delicate slip rings or large transformer assemblies to obtain signals.

“It is simple to set up and reliable in use, characteristics that are much appreciated in all industries,” says Hopkins.