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News Archive

Browse through our archived press releases. News items older than 18 months are generally placed within this archive. Our latest stories can be found on the main News Stories main page.

  • Talking the torque at Hannover
    Sensor Technology Ltd, the UK manufacturer of wireless torque and load sensors and strain gauge amplifiers is expecting this year’s Hannover Messe, (24-28 April) to generate several potential new clients and also some new distributors...

  • Reliable torque sensing at low speed or low capacity
    In the selection of a rotary torque sensor for a given application, the datasheets for particular products are often a good place to start, detailing the maximum torque capacity and maximum speed for the technologies under consideration...

  • Shipping operators receive simple answer to meeting SOLAS requirements
    The three months grace period on the amended Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Regulations has now expired, and exporters are now required to verify the weight of packed shipping containers...

  • Real-time control drives efficiency into dry bulk handling operations
    Dry bulk cargos have to be loaded and unloaded quickly, efficiently, cost effectively and safely if shipping operations are to be profitable. The processes have long been mechanised, but by harnessing the power of computers to monitor the handling equipment, operational performance can be improved, scheduling for maintenance can be...
  • Lifting is going wireless
    New wireless control technologies are being adopted by manufacturers and users of cranes and other lifting equipment. Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology Ltd explains the advantages and looks at how the field is developing...

  • Automatic monitoring of mobile harbour equipment ensures reliability and safety
    The increasing globalisation of the world economy is pressurising ports, docks and harbours into handling ever-increasing volumes of cargo, so mobile harbour equipment has to work efficiently and reliably at all times...

  • Sensing the future with 40 years of expertise
    Nowadays fortieth birthdays are for looking forward rather than back. Serial innovators Sensor Technology Ltd has reached that milestone and father and son team Tony and Mark Ingham say there is no sign of their technological advancement slowing down...

  • Sensor Technology pushes the envelope with key product developments
    New and developing technologies will be the theme on the stand of one the regular exhibitors at this year's Sensors & Instrumentation, the exhibition for test, measurement and control engineers, 28-29 September 2016, NEC Birmingham...

  • India to see key sensor advantages for first time
    New and developing technologies will be the theme on the stand of one the regular exhibitors at this year’s Automation India show in the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, 22-25 August 2016...

  • Improving asset availability to reduce coal handling costs
    Coal is an important global resource and likely to remain so for many years to come. It is a crucial element in the energy mix and vital in the manufacture of a great many other products. But now more than ever, the pressure is on to reduce transportation costs by improving the efficiency of coal handling operations...

  • Exports to grow for UK sensor maker
    Overseas business is expected to increase for British sensor manufacturer Sensor Technology Ltd, following two ultra-successful exhibitions in Germany during the spring of 2016...

  • Optical rotary torque sensors suitable for low torque and high band width measurements
    Sensor Technology has set new benchmark performance standards for optical rotary torque transducers, with the launch of the digital ORT 230/240 series. These new optical rotary torque sensors are ideal for applications when the demand is for low torque and/or high bandwidth, providing precise, dynamic measurement of rotary and static torque of less than 100Nm and for bandwidths of up to 50kHz...

  • Driving innovations in wireless torque measuring technologies
    Sensor Technology Ltd, developer of the innovative TorqSense range of wireless torque transducers, has continued to develop its product range, offering users new options for measuring power in drive shafts and other rotating machine elements...

  • Sensor flies conservation into new levels of control
    An innovative device that simultaneously senses a helicopter’s position and weighs the load it is carrying has helped a 50-year landscape conservation project successfully reaching its first five-year milestone...

  • Testing time for fall arrestors
    Safety equipment such as fall arrestors must work perfectly every time they are called into action, so they must be made to the highest standards of manufacture, tested and certified. Only then will users have confidence wearing them...

  • Innovative wireless weighing technology could help shipping operators meet amended Solas requirements
    Shipping cargo handling operators worried by the implications of changes to legislation in container weighing will be heartened by news of an innovative, affordable and easy-to-retrofit weighing solution that meets all of the requirements of the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) amended Safety of Life at Sea (Solas) regulations...

  • Bluetooth interface developed for wireless TorqSense
    A Bluetooth interface and Android app have been developed by Sensor Technology Ltd for its non-contact torque sensor, the TorqSense. Having a Bluetooth enabled TorqSense transducer removes the need for cable runs from the sensing head to the receiver. This can make system lay out easier and even allow torque to be measured in real time in situation where it was previously impossible...

  • Measuring torque without slip rings
    The Sensors & Instrumentation Exhibition, NEC, Birmingham 30 September to 1 October 2015 will play host to a wireless technology for measuring power in drive shafts and other rotating machine elements...

  • Precision mixing contains costs for product development
    A pre-pilot mixing plant is using wireless TorqSense transducers for ultra-accurate viscosity measurement of high-value compounds. The plant is used to prepare small batches of compounds from shampoo and detergent to cosmetics, therapeutic and medical preparations. Some of the ingredients in the compounds are very expensive, so product developers are loath to make large batches early in the formulation process...

  • Improving handling efficiency within the coal industry
    With use of coal still growing not only as an energy source but also as a key element in the manufacture of countless materials, products and chemicals, so efficient transportation of this vital resource is becoming evermore important. Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology discusses the new technology that is helping to boost transportation and handling efficiency, reduce downtime and minimise costs...

  • Ten top torque tips
    Driveshafts deliver power as a rotary force, and in most applications there is a need to know the amount of power in the system. But getting measurements from a turning shaft requires some engineering ingenuity, so here Tony Ingham from Sensor Technology in Banbury runs through the basics...

  • Testing the new generation of integrated drives
    The recent rise of interest in integrated motor/inverters units has led to the need for testing and mapping of their performance over a range of operating conditions. A wireless torque sense has been used as the heart of a dynamometer a built for just this task...

  • Sensor flies conservation into new levels of control
    An innovative device that simultaneously senses a helicopter’s position and weighs the load it is carrying has helped a 50-year landscape conservation project successfully reaching its first five-year milestone...

  • Testing time for fall arrestors
    Safety equipment such as fall arrestors must work perfectly every time they are called into action, so they must be made to the highest standards of manufacture, tested and certified. Only then will users have confidence wearing them...

  • Teach your children well
    There was a time when a carefully chosen line from a 1960s' song made a great headline for an editorial opinion piece. Sadly, Crosby, Stills and Nash are no longer young and many of their original followers are now well into retirement...

  • Wireless standard harmonisation creates a problem where none previously existed
    As more and more wireless devices come to the market, concerns have emerged within the standards’ body responsible for managing the radio spectrum allocation and wireless device conformance that more guidance is needed to help ensure spectrum sharing. Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology Ltd reviews the situation...

  • Hanover helps UK sensor company find Mexican partner
    Sensor Technology, the UK manufacturer of wireless torque sensors scored a double whammy when it exhibited at this year's Hanover Messe, finding several potential new clients and also signing up two new distributors for Mexico and Ecuador...

  • Sensors Will Define The Future of Production and Technology
    This past year it has been difficult to open an engineering magazine and not read about the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 or Machine-to-Machine Communications (M2MC). But all the hype and predictions will come to naught if sensor manufacturers don't rise to the challenges before them, says Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology Ltd in Oxfordshire...

  • Mobile harbour equipment can automatically generate commercial information
    Harbour sides are busy places, with ships docking, unloading one cargo, loading another and departing again as quickly as possible. Keeping track of all this activity and of their various and valuable cargoes is demanding yet vital, so it is best to automate as much as possible...

  • Torquing sense about ship unloaders
    A ship at sea is earning its owners money; a ship in port is costing its owners money. Therefore, rapid loading and unloading are critical to the success of a shipping company and dockside technology continues to develop to provide ever more speed and efficiency...

  • Measuring Viscosity Wirelessly
    If precise mixing is a crucial process variable, viscosity measurement may be the most accurate way to ensure optimum performance. But rotating mixers can lead to very tangled wiring, so here Mark Ingham of Sensor Technology Ltd looks at wireless options.

  • Making sense of real-time load measurement
    The handling of dry bulk materials used to be a completely manual process, but it is now being increasingly automated in a drive to reduce both the costs and the risks of injury, while also increasing throughput and accuracy. We report on some of the new technologies behind these developments...

  • Non-contact Torque Sensing Delivers Improved Control in Coal Industry
    Non-contacting torque sensing technology is delivering improved monitoring and control to materials handling applications in the coal industry, including monitoring of coal conveyors and viscosity measurement of coal slurry. In each case the technology delivers improved accuracy over alternative techniques, so improves quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness...

  • British Engineering Experts Provide Ultra-Marathon Tests for Aircraft Parts
    What is in store for British science, engineering, technology and manufacturing in this globlised world as the international economy regains its footing? Mark Ingham of serial innovators Sensor Technology Ltd says we need to learn lessons from other industries as well as other countries...

  • Sport and Media vs Science and Engineering
    What is in store for British science, engineering, technology and manufacturing in this globlised world as the international economy regains its footing? Mark Ingham of serial innovators Sensor Technology Ltd says we need to learn lessons from other industries as well as other countries...

  • Apollo Mission is One Small Step
    The Research and Development department of Sensor Technology Ltd is to relocate from its home of nearly 40 years, a converted water mill, to the purpose-built Apollo Park, which is already home to its manufacturing and sales departments...

  • Chemical engineers talk sense about mixer efficiencies
    Manchester University's School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences is leading world class developments in energy efficiency in the process industries...

  • Hooked on Enhancements: Helicopter Load Sensor Keeps Getting Smarter
    HeliNav LoadMaster, the intelligent wireless helicopter load sensor has been upgraded with a string of new capabilities...

  • Global Push On All Fronts Helps Keep UK Innovations Stabilised
    Distributors around the world are signing up to represent an innovative British sensor company as it seeks to expand its export sales and introduce a radical new technology to the helicopter cargo sector...

  • Measuring Shaft Torque in Challenging Environments
    Measuring torque on rotating shafts on a test rig is one thing, but the environmental challenges of real world applications can quickly impact on the functionality and reliability of torque transducers, as Mark Ingham of Sensor Technology explains...

  • Wireless Torque Sensor Cuts Out Slip Rings
    Machine designers are expected to make a beeline to Sensor Technology's stand at the Sensors & Instrumentation Exhibition, NEC, Birmingham 25-26 September 2013 to see a wireless technology for measuring power in drive shafts and other rotating machine elements...

  • Cast Your Export Net Far & Wide
    If the economic climate of the last few years has taught us anything it is that UK manufacturers cannot rely on the domestic market alone, they must make every effort to maximise exports. Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology says manufacturers must export, but they have to hedge all bets to mitigate the risks...

  • A Better Way To Measure Torque
    Measuring torque accurately, particularly in rotating shafts, can often be challenging, but new technology is providing a better solution, says Mark Ingham of Sensor Technology. Accurate torque measurement is essential for the development of a huge variety of products, ranging from sub-sea turbines for tidal energy systems and novel motors for use in electric vehicles to animal hair clippers and thermostatic radiator valves...

  • TorqSense Sensor Guarantees Tip-Top Taps!
    An innovative TorqSense wireless torque sensor from Sensor Technology provided an effective solution to an interesting engineering challenge when Advanced Design Innovations (ADI), a specialist supplier of custom manufacturing and testing equipment, was asked by Bristan, one of the UK's largest and most successful manufacturers of bathroom taps and showers, to develop a new durability test rig to help optimise product performance...

  • Finding the Right Time & Place
    Taking a small stand at a big exhibition in Las Vegas may have been the decision of the year by inveterate innovators Sensor Technology of Banbury, Oxon...

  • Sensor Technology Helps to Extract Power From The Sea
    Dedicated to developing innovative hydrokinetic turbines to generate "green" energy from the motion of the sea, Irish company Tidal Energy Limited (TEL) recently had a pressing need for a way of accurately of measuring the power produced by its scale-model prototypes. Equipment from Sensor Technology provided a convenient and dependable solution where other methods had failed...

  • Smart Helicopter Load Sensor Takes on the Big Jobs
    LoadMaster, the intelligent wireless helicopter load sensor has been upgraded with inclinometer and accelerometer capabilities so that it can be used with large underslung loads that will typically have be suspended from three loadpoints by three cables...

  • Smart Load Monitor Checks Cargo in Flight & Boosts Profits
    Upgrades to the innovative HeliNav LoadMaster wireless load monitor for helicopter cargo hooks are to be launched at HeliExpo, Las Vegas 4-7 March 2013, Booth number C2432...

  • Wireless Heli-Load Sensor Updates Receiver Interface
    A new receiver has been launched for HeliNav LoadMaster, the helicopter-qualified wireless load sensor made by Sensor Technology Ltd...

  • Precision Guidance System Optimises Heli-Spraying & Lifting Operations
    A new display screen for HeliNav's wireless TrackMaster intelligent load sensor for helicopter operations has been launched by manufacturers Sensor Technology Ltd. TrackMaster constantly weighs a helicopter's underslung load, even if it varies during operations such as crop spraying, and uses this data stream to calculate flight and operational profiles. It is suitable for use in crop spraying, spreading and lifting operations...

  • Heli-Load Sensor has simple or Comprehensive Display Options
    An intelligent wireless helicopter load sensor has a choice of two displays, offering simple or comprehensive data read outs, so that users can select the best option for their operational needs...

  • Sensor Technology Keeps Hydraulic Projects on Course South Korean
    Innovative TorqSense wireless sensors from Sensor Technology are playing an important role in new product development for Hydraulic Projects Limited (Hy-Pro), one of the UK's leading developers and suppliers of hydraulic drive units for marine steering and autopilot systems...

  • Sensors: The Next Big Thing
    Sensors being integrated into ever-more products and systems will be a key driver for technology developments for the next several decades. So says Mark Ingham of Sensor Technology Ltd in Banbury...

  • TorqSense Gives Pumps A Testing Time At Watson Marlow
    Having for many years used one of Sensor Technology's novel TorqSense non-contact torque sensors as an aid to product development, Watson-Marlow Pumps Group, the world's leading specialist in peristaltic pumping, has now chosen another of these versatile and dependable sensors for production-line testing of its most critical products...

  • Torque Of A Motor Revolution
    Oxford YASA Motors, a company created to commercialise the revolutionary YASA motor developed by Oxford University's Energy and Power Group, is finding that a TorqSense non-contact speed and torque sensor from Sensor Technology is an invaluable aid in the refinement of its world-leading motor designs...

  • Torque Test Ensures Reliability of Steerable Drills
    Hydrocarbon drilling accuracy has been increased tenfold by using adapted advanced aerospace guidance systems. And an equally innovative torque sensor ensures efficiency during the equipment's regular programmed maintenance...

  • Automotive Innovations Torque Up Manufacturing Revival
    The automotive sector is proving to be a powerbase for the reviving manufacturing economy. Volume car makers have full order books and specialists builders are enjoying record exports. But to maintain this vital economic activity, constant innovation is needed particularly on reducing vehicles' environmental impact...

  • Engineers Torque Technology To Medics
    Medical experts and sports scientists are becoming increasingly reliant on engineers as their disciplines become more and more technical. Mark Ingham looks at some of the projects his company, Sensor Technology, has helped behind the scenes...

  • Pay As You Sense
    Equipment rentals are increasingly helping companies overcome the hurdle of finding investment capital to fund development and verification projects...

  • Technology Transfer Is More Important Then Innovation Vietnamese | Việt
    Innovation, we are told, is the key to a successful manufacturing economy. Invent and patent something and you will make money on every one made - if it is mass produced you get an on-going income. Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology Ltd looks at his experience over two decades and tries to draw some general principles that may help Britain in its new ambition to rebuild the manufacturing base...

  • Back Manufacturing, But That Is Only Half The Story
    Manufacturing is re-emerging as a leading economic growth engine after a rather quiet summer. However this sector alone is not big enough to pull the whole of the UK back into good times.

  • TorqSense Transducers Help To Guarantee Valve Actuator Performance
    Rotork Controls has established a global reputation for robust and reliable valve actuators, operating in some of the world's most demanding and critical applications. Thorough testing of the motors used in the actuators is one of the keys to this assured performance, with TorqSense transducers from Sensor Technology playing a vital role in the test process...

  • Sensing Growth Opportunities
    Could the sensors sector be a microcosm of the whole national economy Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology certainly thinks so. Here he looks at what it will take to run a small technology company in the second decade of the millennium and suggests parallels with the wider world...

  • Drama As Helicopter Sensor Flies Into Theatre Role
    With theatres striving to create breath-taking spectacles and leave the audience gasping for more, there is often world-class engineering behind the scenes. A British company is developing technology to ensure safety when excited performers and heavy machinery share the same space...

  • Technology Transfer Tests Tree Safety
    Highway engineers and horticulturalists have adapted the latest in helicopter technology to solve a critical safety problem in their own industries, tree viability...

  • Sensor Technology Helps To Keep Sheep Shorn
    TorqSense transducers from Sensor Technology are playing an important role in new product development at Gloucestershire-based Lister Shearing, the oldest and one of the most successful suppliers of animal shearing and clipping equipment in the world...

  • Smart Load Sensor Germany Vietnamese | Việt
    A smart load sensor developed in the UK by Sensor Technology provides all the information needed to optimise efficiency and increase profitability of a wide range of industrial operations...

  • Tidal Turbine To Light The Thames
    A small proportion of the Thames is to be illuminated using power generated by the flow of the river itself, as Kingston University tests prototypes of a new hydroelectric turbine design...

  • Novel Sensors Aid Tidal Turbine Development
    Non-contact torque sensors from Sensor Technology are playing a key role in the development of commercial-scale in-stream tidal turbines produced by Irish company, OpenHydro...

  • Sensor Technology Provides The Key To Learning
    The electrical machines laboratory at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) has greatly increased in its effectiveness as a teaching resource since TorqSense non-contact torque sensors from Sensor Technology have been fitted to five machine sets...

  • Putting Feeling To Drugs Safety And Handling German
    Total traceability extends to packaging as well as product in the rarefied world of pharmaceuticals. Capcoder Ltd has adopted a novel torque sensing system as the core of the datalogging capabilities of its bottle sealing machines...

  • Talking Sense About Technology Transfer
    Technology transfer may prove one of the cornerstone engines for growth as the UK emerges from recession over the coming months. Sensor Technology in Oxon are virtually addicted to the habit, so we asked their Tony Ingham how it has shaped the company's development and what the future holds...

  • Non-contact Torque Sensor Now Mounts In Moments German
    The latest model of TorqSense, the non-contact digital torque measuring system, incorporates an integral sprocket or pulley, allowing easy fit-and-forget mounting in a vast range of plant and machinery such as drum mixers, generators, pump, dynamometers and conveyor drives...

  • Super Smart Helicopter Load Sensor Knows Everything
    A helicopter load sensor to be launched at Helitech marries GPS (global positioning system) track guidance with load sensing and a host of other intelligent functions to automatically optimise complex operations such as spraying and multiple random load billing...

  • Rapid Expansion Means New Premises
    A second office move is on the cards for torque measuring innovators Sensor Technology, reflecting the rapid growth since its last relocated five and a half years ago. The company will move its manufacturing, sales and marketing and administration in June to Apollo Park, Banbury, three miles from its head office and research and development facility.

  • Reducing Engine Friction
    An innovative torque sensor is helping to reduce engine emissions and improve economy as part of a project to develop an intelligent lubrication system.
    With engine efficiency under the spotlight like never before, automotive companies are exploring all avenues for improving performance. And because engines have a rotating power output, torque is the key measurement.

  • Wirelessness Reaches For The Skies
    Aerospace development is a strategic industry within the British economy. It creates a lot of high value jobs directly and indirectly, while tremendous technological advances spin out of it.

  • Torquing Sense For Process Plant Control German
    Plant monitoring and control is particularly vital in the continuous process industries, where multiple machines must act in harmony day after day and failure of a single machine can lead to massive consequential losses of production.

  • Torque About Improving Handling Accuracy
    Dry bulk handling is en route to becoming a precision science with a level of control previously undreamt of, thanks to 20 years of research and development into digital non-contact torque monitoring.

  • Testing Time For Vacuum Cleaner Maker
    A company that designs and build custom test equipment for the manufacturing and research industries has developed a cost saving sub-system that allows eight dynamometer test rigs to share a single calibration unit based on a Digital TorqSense transducer from Sensor Technology Ltd.

  • Servo Research Points The Way to Improved Dynamics
    Research at the University of Manchester has demonstrated servo systems with vastly improved dynamics with the most challenging of loads. The key to the increased performance is a torque transducer from Sensor Technology employing Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) techniques to deliver high-bandwidth, non-contact solution.

  • Designing Greener Cars Requires sophisticated Testing
    The automotive industry's race to develop a new generation of high Performance, low emissions power plants has lead to the emergence of high capability test beds that simultaneously monitor multiple parameters.

  • Lotus Hybrid Blooms
    The torque-current characteristics of a combined motor-generator developed for a Lotus-based hybrid car have been comprehensively mapped by a TorqSense digital torque sensor.

  • When Two is Better than One German
    Sensor Technology, the company that developed practical non-contact torque measurement, will once again unveil a major innovation.

  • Big Push to Recycle Plastic
    Cold extrusion is playing an ever greater part in recycling of waste plastic, and the Department for Business and Enterprise is sponsoring research into development of the machinery necessary for such work.

  • Intelligent Extruder Plans Its Own Growth
    A bench top extruder developed at Bradford University is able to collect data about its own operation and to determine a wide range of characteristics of the material with which it is working.

  • China Syndrome
    Enough enquiries to double its business levels in Asia were generated when UK torque measuring specialists Sensor Technology exhibited alongside their local distributor DMS at "Sensors China 2007", an exhibition designed to fast track key technologies into that country's rapidly expanding industrial base.

  • UAV Takes Fast Track To Altitude
    Development of a vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle is nearing completion, thanks in part to a non-contact digital torque sensor, TorqSense, which proved the only viable option for use on the test rig.

  • Torque of the Web
    Torque monitoring specialists Sensor Technology has redeveloped its website ( to make it easier to use and provide relevant information to visitors as quickly as possible. It has simultaneously updated its brochures to explain its non-contact technology in a clear, concise format.

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems Get Safety Torque
    Replacing a torque meter with a torque sensor has revolutionised the validating process for bespoke Fireset sprinkler systems built by Grundfos Pumps Ltd. in Leighton Buzzard.

  • Regen Drive Turns Laundry Green
    High performance torque measurement is helping to improve the energy efficiency of domestic washing machines, enabling consumers to make greener purchase decisions.

  • World's Best Vacuum Seals Tested But Not Touched
    TorqSense, a non-contact digital torque monitoring system that could guarantee an infinite lightness of touch has proven to be the only way to test the seals of super high performance vacuum systems.

  • Mini-Mixer Will Be The Torque Of Many Industries
    A torque sensor is helping analyse recipes' mixing properties in a project that could slash development costs in the food and plastics industry and help nanotechnology advances in the pharmaceuticals world.

  • Don't Touch! The Shaft Is Turning
    Total solutions for non-contact torque measurement can be seen on Sensor Technology's stand at the 2007 M-Tec exhibition.

  • Texans Go To Bed To Test Robots
    The University of Texas is working on a new test bed that will radically improve evaluation of motors for demanding applications. Key to the researchers' experiments, and at the heart of the test bed is the TorqSense transducer developed by Sensor Technology.

  • Gongs Galore
    Sensor Technology picked up its second prestigious overseas award of the year at Asia's premier industrial exhibition in July, following on from a similar success at Sensors 2006 in Chicago in May.

  • Industrial Sensor Helps Knee Sufferers
    A medical researcher is using an industrial torque sensor to analyse the performance of implanted replacement knee joints, hoping to increase the understanding of their long term post-surgery performance.

  • Nuclear Engineers Avoid Contact
    A test rig built at Centa Transmissions in Shipley is allowing the company to guarantee that the precision gearboxes it supplies to nuclear industry will never fail prematurely.

  • New Torque Sensor Will Revolutionise Machine Control
    Torque measuring specialist Sensor Technology Ltd will be displaying on their stand D20 their complete range of TorqSense transducers and TorqView2, a complementary software programme that generates a visual instrumentation display of the TorqSense output.

  • Long Service Motors Tested After Engineering
    Specialist industrial motor manufacturer Solutions Engineering in Stoke on Trent is able to test the performance of its motors, having built a test station to its own specification based around a piezo electric torque transducer.

  • Sensing For Servo Repairs
    Reliability and robustness were the key requirements when Wyko Industrial Services set about building a test and calibration rig for its servomotor repair business in Aintree near Liverpool. They based their design on a non-contact torque sensor that could effectively be isolated from damaging shock loads.

  • New Premises Enable Global Expansion
    Expansion plans have been put in train at high technology torque measuring company Sensor Technology, with a move to additional premises for the operational staff and several other initiatives to prepare the company for a period of sustained growth.

  • Iron Bird With Lightest Touch
    A non-contact torque transducer is helping British Aerospace Systems stay on schedule for the delivery of the new Nimrod aircraft to the Ministry of Defence. Instead of using a complicated and delicate set of slip rings, the TorqSense transducer, developed by Sensor Technology in Banbury, uses a radio frequency (RF) link to constantly monitor the torque in a shaft under test.

  • Ensuring Accurate Feel To Power Steering
    A dynamometer for testing 180 motors per hour for vehicle electrohydraulic power assisted steering, uses a non-contact torque transducer from Sensor Technology of Banbury for ensuring complete accuracy of the readings.

  • Testing Time For Business Jet
    Development and qualification testing of three flap system actuators for the eagerly awaited new Falcon 7X business jet is being performed on a test rig designed and built by Comar Engineering in Wolverhampton and incorporating an innovative non-contact torque transducer.

  • Torque About Reliability For Powered Wheelchairs
    A TorqSense transducer is helping ensure the reliability of powered wheelchairs, scooters, golf buggies and other electric vehicles, having been incorporated into a dynamometer rolling road built by PG Drives in Dorset.

  • Torquing Up Hardware & Software
    Sensor Technology will be using its stand at the M-Tec exhibition to showcase both new hardware and new software.

  • Torque About Visualisation
    Sensor Technology has developed TorqView2, a software programme written using National Instruments LabVIEW to generate a Virtual Instrumentation Display of the output from a TorqSense transducer and can be run on virtually any computer.

  • Investing In People, With Military Precision
    Sensor Technology, the Oxon-based manufacturer of torque sensors, has received the Investors in People Award, recognising its commitment to training and its record of staff retention.

  • Non-Contact Torque Sensing Now Available To All
    The full range of sizes for Sensor Technology's RWT310/320 series of TorqSense Rotary Torque Sensors is now available, following completion of the development project by the Oxon based company.

  • Sensor Erupts With Volcanic Data
    The secrets of climate change and the formation of giant lava flows on Mars may soon be revealed to a British professor and his research team, as they investigate the lava flows from Mount Etna.

  • German Manufacturers Talk Sense
    British innovation looks set to storm through Germany industry, following the massive interest generated by the launch of Sensor Technology's new non-contact torque sensor at the Hannover Fair.

  • New Torque Sensor Will Revolutionise Machine Control English France Germany Spain Portugal Italy Russia
    Machine designers have been presented with a significant new technology for measuring power in drive shafts and other rotating machine elements, following the launch of the RWT310/320 series of TorqSense Rotary Torque Sensors by developers Sensor Technology Ltd.

  • SAWs: A Cutting Edge Technology
    Sensor Technology is a small hi tech Company involved in the R&D and production of rotary torque measuring transducers using Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology.

  • Sensor Hones In On Sharp Operators
    Risk is being driven out of the use of heavy duty diamond cutting tools thanks to a Euro 800,000 EU-backed research programme at Greenwich University in London, to determine the true operating characteristics of such equipment.

  • The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind
    Performing scientific experiments in the sort of winds and weather conditions that blow off the North Sea and across the Northumbrian hills, calls for robust equipment and reliable researchers.

  • SAW Sensor Sees Servo Resonance
    Servo control systems that reduce drive-train torsional resonance are being researched at the University of Sheffield. Underpinning the research is a radically new, non-contact, low cost, high bandwidth, torque transducer based on Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) techniques developed by Sensor Technology in Banbury, Oxfordshire and trade marked TorqSense.

  • Drive To Optimise Drug Delivery
    Critical drug delivery errors are being driven out of medical practise by advancing intravenous (IV) medication delivery technologies with smart memories and optimised drive mechanisms.

  • Food Research All Washed Up German
    Real time process control for food manufacture has come a significant step closer, thanks to pioneering research work at University College Dublin into viscosity measurement techniques for characterising the flow and mixability of highly non-Newtonian fluids.

  • It's Safer Than You Thought To Belt Up
    Car seatbelts are now proven to be more reliable than previously thought thanks to a chance discovery by test rig builder Mindready Solutions in Belfast.

  • Demand Growing For Non-Contact Torque Measurement
    Diverse sectors of industry are preparing to embrace Surface Acoustic Wave techniques for non-contact torque measurement, and leading developer Sensor Technology is gearing up to meet the demand.

  • Ultrasound Helps Optimise Drive Designs Spanish | Español
    A bespoke pump maker is using ultrasound waves to efficiently model drive torque and thus contain development costs to within predictable limits. Charles Austen Pumps has recently upgraded test facilities with Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) equipment from Sensor Technology, a recognised leader in the field.

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