Torque Transducers & Torque Sensors


We offer a range of rotary torque sensors and transducers to suit a variety of industrial applications. Our standard range of torque transducers can measure torque from 10mNm up to 13000Nm. If you need assistance in choosing a torque sensor to meet the requirements of a specific application, contact us via Live Chat!

If you only require a torque meter for a specific short term project, why not consider our unique rental service which allows customers to rent our torque measurement equipment for a minimum of one month.

Torque Transducers

NEW FOR 2020 is the TorqSense Digital Rotary Torque Transducer, using modern non-contact strain gauge signal conditioning techniques to provide a wide bandwidth measuring solution with high over-range reading and overload. Ranges from 1Nm to 13000Nm.

NEW for 2020 is the TorqSense SGR530/540 Digital Rotary Torque Transducer. The transducers use the same technology as found in our SGR510/520 series but with separate electronics, designed for applications with space or environmental limitations. Ranges from 1Nm to 13000Nm.

The ORT 230/240 torque sensor offers an ideal means for precise dynamic measurement of rotary and static torque. Transducers can be as small as 10mNm with high bandwidths of up to 50Khz and speeds to 30000rpm. Ranges available up to 100Nm.

Our SIT105/110/120 reaction torque transducers use modern wire foil strain gauge technology with the latest high performance stainless steel shafts. These reaction transducers are designed for operation in any industrial environment. Optional bench mount housing is available.

The Ethernet Interface Module connects our range of Torque Transducers to a Local Area Network.

The Transducer Display ETD is a readout which displays values of torque, peak torque, speed and power.

TorqView is an easy to use Advanced Torque Monitoring software for use with our rotary torque sensors.

Bluetooth adds wireless flexibility to your torque sensors. The box plugs into the 15 way ‘D’ digital lead connector.

The Transducer Signal Breakout Unit breaks out signals from any SGR, RWT or ORT series torque transducer.