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Mark Ingham

Sport and Media vs Science and Engineering

What is in store for British science, engineering, technology and manufacturing in this globlised world as the international economy regains its footing? Mark Ingham of serial innovators Sensor Technology Ltd says we need to learn lessons from other industries as well as other countries. Will you watch the Commonwealth Games... Read More

Apollo Park

Apollo Mission is one small step

The Research and Development department of Sensor Technology Ltd is to relocate from its home of nearly 40 years, a converted water mill, to the purpose-built Apollo Park, which is already home to its manufacturing and sales departments. Sensor Technology produces torque sensors for measuring the power being transmitted by... Read More

Global push on all fronts helps keep UK innovations stabilised

Distributors around the world are signing up to represent an innovative British sensor company as it seeks to expand its export sales and introduce a radical new technology to the helicopter cargo sector. Sensor Technology Ltd of Banbury has always been export-orientated and a key part of its global strategy... Read More

Tony Ingham

Cast your export net far and wide

If the economic climate of the last few years has taught us anything it is that UK manufacturers cannot rely on the domestic market alone, they must make every effort to maximise exports. Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology says manufacturers must export, but they have to hedge all bets to... Read More

Range of RWT torque sensors

Sensors: The Next Big Thing

Sensors being integrated into ever-more products and systems will be a key driver for technology developments for the next several decades. So says Mark Ingham of Sensor Technology Ltd in Banbury. Most people have had a tough few years, but as a sensor company we have been lucky. Many of... Read More

Tony Ingham

Chuyển giao công nghệ quan trọng hơn là đổi mới

Available in other languages: Đổi mới, chúng ta biết, đó là chìa khóa để một nền kinh tế sản xuất thành công. Phát minh, một cái gì đó sáng tạo và bạn sẽ kiếm được tiền trên mỗi một thứ được tạo ra – nếu nó được sản xuất hàng... Read More

Tony Ingham

Technology Transfer is more important than innovation

Available in other languages: Innovation, we are told, is the key to a successful manufacturing economy. Invent and patent something and you will make money on every one made – if it is mass produced you get an on-going income. Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology Ltd looks at his experience... Read More

Mark Ingham

Back manufacturing, but that is only half the story

Manufacturing is re-emerging as a leading economic growth engine after a rather quiet summer. However this sector alone is not big enough to pull the whole of the UK back into good times. So says Mark Ingham, sales manager at Sensor Technology Ltd in Banbury, one of the innovating yet... Read More

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