Calibration, Service & Repair

Sensor Technology has its own facilities capable of calibrating, servicing and repairing torque transducers up to 13000Nm with weights calibrated against primary National Standards. It is also ISO 9001:2015 registered.

Torque meter calibrationTo ensure your torque and load measuring equipment gives the best service, Sensor Technology recommends that torque transducers, load sensors and instruments should be returned each year to be calibrated and certified.

The calibration service on all new equipment purchased from us is offered free of charge for the first year as part of its warranty. Apart from calibrating the equipment, it will be inspected for wear and tear, cleaned and upgrades incorporated to ensure your torque sensor and transducer display interface has the latest modifications. The warranty remains in force providing the transducer is returned to us each year to be calibrated.

Calibration Certificate

In addition, we will also provide you with a printed certificate confirming its serviceability and showing the following:

  • Units being calibrated
  • Accuracy
  • Temperature
  • Date calibrated
  • Calibration due date
  • The name of the technician who calibrated the transducer

To ensure you have minimal downtime, please contact our sales department.

You may also request a quotation using our online form.

All equipment received will be given an initial inspection. Should it be found to be faulty then you will be informed on the nature of the fault/work required together with a repair/investigation quotation. No work will be carried out without your authorisation.

When returning your equipment, please ensure it is adequately packaged and insured.