Range extension for innovative wireless torque sensor

Range extension for innovative wireless torque sensor

Sensor Technology has extended its new range of non-contact torque sensors up to 13,000Nm. When the range was launched in late 2020, the largest unit was 500Nm. “We have been very encouraged by the interesting in the new sensors,” says Sales Manager Mark Ingham. “The launch plan... Read More

Image showing the TorqSense SGR510/520 series rotary strain gauge torque transducer

New wireless torque technology

Available in other languages:       Sensor Technology has launched a new range of non-contact torque sensors based on a full four element strain gauge bridge design, complementing its existing non-contact sensors that use surface acoustic wave (SAW) detection. Designated the TorqSense SGR510/520 series, the new units have... Read More

Sensor Technology Ltd: COVID-19 Update

We want to provide you with an update in respect of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) measures we have introduced to reduce the impact on our business. We are following advice from the UK Government, so where appropriate staff are working from home and the company is continuing to operate... Read More

Torquing through Covid lockdown

The national lockdowns of 2020 may have helped advance the design and development of the next generation of hyper-efficient city cars, as reorganisation of an annual endurance competition lead one of the teams to re-focus its efforts. Every year since 2005, university-based Eco-Runner Team Delft has developed... Read More

Eco Runner (Team Delft) Car

Drehmomentsensor verbessert Effizienz eines Stadtautos

Available in other languages: Seit 2005 arbeiten die Teams des Eco-Runner Delft (TU Delft) am Bau des weltweit effizientesten wasserstoffbetriebenen Autos. Gleiche Aufgabe, neues Team: Jedes Jahr übernimmt ein neues Studententeam die Aufgabe, ein wasserstoffbetriebenes Auto zu konstruieren und zu bauen um damit beim Shell Eco-Marathon gegen... Read More

Eco Runner (Team Delft) Car

Torque Sensor improves efficiency hydrogen-powered city car

Available in other languages: Eco-Runner Team Delft (TU Delft) is working on building the world’s most efficient hydrogen-powered car. This has been their goal since they were founded in 2005. Each year, a new team takes on the challenge to design and produce this ultra-efficient car and... Read More

RWT430/440 series torque transducer with separate electronics

Innovativer Pumpen- und Ventilhersteller erfindet Prüfstandstechnologie mit Drehmeomentaufnehmer

Available in other languages: Um die langfristige Leistung und Zuverlässigkeit hoch beanspruchter Ventile und Pumpen zu analysieren, hat die in Manchester ansässige und ständig neue Innovationen hervorbringende Bifold Group für zwei ihrer spezialisierten Prüfstände hochfrequenzbasierte Drehmomentaufnehmer von Sensor Technology Ltd. übernommen. Seit Generationen engagiert sich Bifold für... Read More

Hydrogen car drives for efficiency world record

A team of Dutch engineers competing to develop the world’s most efficient hydrogen fuelled car has used a British torque sensor to determine that their next generation vehicle needs a custom designed and built hub motor. To measure the efficiency of the car’s drivetrain, Green Team Twente... Read More

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