Hydrogen car drives for efficiency world record

A team of Dutch engineers competing to develop the world’s most efficient hydrogen fuelled car has used a British torque sensor to determine that their next generation vehicle needs a custom designed and built hub motor. To measure the efficiency of the car’s drivetrain, Green Team Twente... Read More

Eco Runner (Team Delft) Car

Eco-Runner X by Team Delft – Reveal

Eco-Runner Team Delft reveals the world’s most efficient hydrogen-powered city car; the Eco-Runner X. Designed and built by an autonomous team of 27 top students of the Delft University of Technology, the vehicle is set to push the boundaries of vehicle efficiency.   Sensor Technology sponsors the... Read More

Ein Drehmomentsensor für das sparsamste Wasserstoffauto

Available in other languages: Für die Entwicklung des kraftstoffeffizientesten Wasserstoffautos der Welt hat das niederländische Studenten-Team „Green Team Twente“ einen Test mit einem speziellen Drehmomentsensor durchgeführt. Untersucht wurde hierbei die Effizienz des Antriebsstrangs. Green Team Twente ist ein niederländisches Studententeam, das sich auf die Herstellung des effizientesten... Read More

Torque sensor voor het testen van de zuinigste waterstofauto ter wereld

Available in other languages: Om de meeste zuinige waterstofauto van de wereld te kunnen maken heeft het Green Team Twente een testopstelling met een torque sensor gemaakt, waarmee de efficiëntie van de aandrijflijn van de auto kan worden gemeten. Green Team Twente is een studententeam dat zich... Read More

Torque sensor for testing the most fuel efficient hydrogen car in the world

Available in other languages: To create the most fuel efficient hydrogen car in the world, Green Team Twente has made a test setup with a torque sensor, to measure the efficiency of the car’s drivetrain. Green Team Twente is a student team that focuses on making the... Read More

Sensor Technology Ltd: COVID-19 Update

We want to provide you with an update in respect of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) measures we have introduced to reduce the impact on our business. We are following advice from the UK Government and our staff are now working from the office, ensuring social distancing, hand-washing guidance is... Read More

TorqSense RWT400 series torque transducer

Torquing about advanced pump controller

Factory automation continues to develop year on year and pumps are increasingly required to supply real time operating data to control networks so that their performance can be monitored and adjusted to meet constantly changing production requirements. Hard wiring a sensor into a pump’s rotating drive shaft... Read More

ORT230/240 series transducer

Small torque – an essential ingredient for developing the next generation of engineering systems

The growing demand for high speed miniature and micro machines has prompted Sensor Technology Ltd to develop a torque monitor that can accurately measure down to 10mNm (ten milliNewton-metres). This capability is combined with a 50kHz bandwidth so that even the most fleeting of transient torques can... Read More

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