Improving asset availability to reduce coal handling costs

Coal is an important global resource and likely to remain so for many years to come. It is a crucial element in the energy mix and vital in the manufacture of a great many other products. But now more than ever, the pressure is on to reduce... Read More

Optical rotary torque sensor

India to see key sensor advantages for first time

New and developing technologies will be the theme on the stand of one the regular exhibitors at this year’s Automation India show in the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, 22-25 August 2016. Sensor Technology Ltd will be showing extensions to its LoadSense range, an updated version of... Read More

RWT series torque sensor

Driving innovations in wireless torque measuring technologies

Sensor Technology Ltd, developer of the innovative TorqSense range of wireless torque transducers, has continued to develop its product range, offering users new options for measuring power in drive shafts and other rotating machine elements. A technological breakthrough has occurred in the world of sensors that will... Read More

Optical rotary torque sensor

Optical rotary torque sensors suitable for low torque and high band width measurements

Available in other languages:      Sensor Technology has set new benchmark performance standards for optical rotary torque transducers, with the launch of the digital ORT 230/240 series. These new optical rotary torque sensors are ideal for applications when the demand is for low torque and/or high bandwidth... Read More

Optical torque sensor

I sensori ottici di coppia rotante sono adatti per le misurazioni con coppia bassa e ampiezza di banda elevate

Available in other languages:      Sensor Technology ha stabilito nuovi standard di prestazioni di riferimento per i trasduttori ottici di coppia rotante con il lancio della serie digitale ORT 230/240.  I nuovi sensori ottici di coppia rotante digitali sono ideali per le applicazioni in cui è richiesta... Read More

Optical torque sensor

Sensores de par rotativo ópticos para mediciones de par bajo y gran ancho de banda

Available in other languages:      Sensor Technology ha establecido un nuevo estándar de rendimiento para los transductores de par rotativo ópticos con el lanzamiento de la serie digital ORT 230/240. Estos nuevos sensores de par rotativo ópticos resultan ideales para aplicaciones con un par bajo y/o un... Read More

Capteurs de couple rotatifs optiques convenables pour la mesure de faible couple et de bande passante élevée

Available in other languages:      Sensor Technology a mis au point un nouveau référentiel de nouvelles normes de performance pour les capteurs de couple rotatifs optiques, avec le lancement de la série numérique ORT 230/240. Ces nouveaux capteurs de couple rotatifs optiques sont idéaux pour les applications... Read More

Optical torque sensor

Sensores óticos rotativos de binário adequados para medição de binário reduzido e de largura de banda elevada

Available in other languages:      Com o lançamento da série digital ORT230/240, a Sensor Technology criou novos padrões de desempenho para transdutores óticos rotativos de binário. Estes novos sensores óticos rotativos de binário digitais são ideais para aplicações onde ser exige um binário muito baixo e/ou uma... Read More

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