Torque Sensor helps Shell Eco Marathon participants

Shell Eco-marathon is a world-wide competition sponsored by Shell. Participants build automotive vehicles to achieve the highest possible fuel efficiency. This week the European event takes place at Weybridge. Teams from Universities from all over Europe compete to see how far their vehicle can travel on a... Read More

Kabellose Drehmomentsensoren gewährleisten die Sicherheit von Flugzeugen

Available in other languages: Die Luft- und Raumfahrtbranche ist für ihre Sicherheitsstandards bekannt und eine ganze Branche ist daraus entstanden, um Ausrüstung und Dienstleistungen für die Überprüfung von Flugzeugen und deren Subsystemen in puncto Sicherheit anbieten zu können. Verkehrsflugzeuge sind während des Start- und Landevorgangs enormen Belastungen... Read More

Wireless torque sensors ensure airliners’ safety

Available in other languages: The aerospace sector is renowned for its safety standards and a whole industry has grown up to provide equipment and services for testing aircraft and their subsystems. Airliners are subject to tremendous loads as they land and take off, from the touchdown of... Read More

ORT230/240 series transducer

Drahtlose Drehmomentmessung als Grundlage für den Prüfstand von Verteilungsnetzreglern

Available in other languages: Die Fortentwicklung des Stromverteilungsnetzes in Großbritannien ist der Schlüssel zur Nutzung der Möglichkeiten variabler Energiequellen wie Wind-, Gezeiten- und Solarparks sowie zahlreicher anderer dezentraler Energietechnologien. Der Netzanschluss dieser verschiedenen Quellen ist jedoch nicht ganz unproblematisch und Forschungsgegenstand an der Universität Warwick, wo ein... Read More

Wireless torque measurement at the heart of distribution network controller test rig

Available in other languages: The evolution of the UK’s power distribution network holds the key to harnessing the benefits of variable power sources such as wind, tidal and solar farms, as well as numerous other distributed power technologies. But connecting these various sources to the network is... Read More

Optical rotary torque sensor

Innovative medical markers capped to perfection

TorqSense transducers are playing a vital role in packing leading edge medical test kits at Axis-Shield in Dundee, which develops new diagnostic compounds that help with the early identification and management of critical illnesses. Axis-Shield is a world leader in inventing new markers for identifying cardiovascular and... Read More

Mass market electric vehicles getting revved up for launch

Saietta Group Ltd is a UK based research and development company which designs motors for light-weight electric vehicle (EV) propulsion. The company’s latest innovation is the ‘S-AC’ which is an ultra-efficient brushless axial-flux AC motor. It boasts extreme efficiency levels at high torques from low speed onwards... Read More

Optical rotary torque sensor

Early move positions sensor maker for high tech success

Export enthusiast Sensor Technology Ltd has made a pre-emptive move to build a strong business base in the Indian city of Chennai, where one of the world’s largest high technology business zones is currently under construction. Called Mahindra World City, the zone already employs over 25,000 people... Read More

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