Optische Drehmoment-Sensoren für niedrige Drehmomente und Messungen mit hoher Bandbreite

Available in other languages:      Sensor Technology hat mit der Einführung der Baureihe Digital ORT 230/240 neue Maßstäbe für optische Drehmoment-Messglieder gesetzt. Diese neuen optischen Drehmoment-Sensoren eignen sich ideal für Anwendungen mit niedrigen Drehmomenten und/oder hoher Bandbreite. Sie bieten präzise dynamische Messungen von dynamischen und statischen Drehmomenten... Read More

Bluetooth interface developed for wireless TorqSense

A Bluetooth interface and Android app have been developed by Sensor Technology Ltd for its non-contact torque sensor, the TorqSense. TorqSense is unusual in that it does not have to be physically connected to the shaft whose torque level is being measured. Instead two tiny piezoelectric combs... Read More

Measuring torque without slip rings

The Sensors & Instrumentation Exhibition, NEC, Birmingham 30 September to 1 October 2015 will play host to a wireless technology for measuring power in drive shafts and other rotating machine elements. TorqSense Rotary Torque Sensors, made by Sensor Technology Ltd, are unlike traditional slip ring transducers. They... Read More

Precision mixing contains costs for product development

Precision mixing contains costs for product development

A pre-pilot mixing plant is using wireless TorqSense transducers for ultra-accurate viscosity measurement of high-value compounds. The plant is used to prepare small batches of compounds from shampoo and detergent to cosmetics, therapeutic and medical preparations. Some of the ingredients in the compounds are very expensive, so... Read More

Improving handling efficiency within the coal industry

With use of coal still growing not only as an energy source but also as a key element in the manufacture of countless materials, products and chemicals, so efficient transportation of this vital resource is becoming evermore important. Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology discusses the new technology... Read More

Tony Ingham

Ten top torque tips

Driveshafts deliver power as a rotary force, and in most applications there is a need to know the amount of power in the system. But getting measurements from a turning shaft requires some engineering ingenuity, so here Tony Ingham from Sensor Technology in Banbury runs through the... Read More

Testing the new generation of integrated drives

The recent rise of interest in integrated motor/inverters units has led to the need for testing and mapping of their performance over a range of operating conditions. A wireless torque sense has been used as the heart of a dynamometer a built for just this task. Electric... Read More

Testing time for fall arrestors

Safety equipment such as fall arrestors must work perfectly every time they are called into action, so they must be made to the highest standards of manufacture, tested and certified. Only then will users have confidence wearing them. Global market leader Latchways plc of Devizes has developed two different... Read More

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