Heli-Load Sensor has simple or comprehensive display options

An intelligent wireless helicopter load sensor has a choice of two displays, offering simple or comprehensive data read outs, so that users can select the best option for their operational needs.

The HeliNav LoadMaster’s simple sensor display is a small and lightweight unit designed for easy mounting in the helicopters cockpit or window. It displays the current load on it screen, a figure which is updated ten times a second and communicates with the sensor on the cargo hook using a radio frequency wireless link. The wireless nature of LoadMaster makes fitting it the work of seconds, means one unit can be shared amongst a fleet of aircraft, and as it is independent of the helicopter and its systems does not need official approval or certification.

For straightforward tasks, such as lifting loads from ship to shore, the simply display gives adequate information. It uses the licence-free 2.4 GHz waveband to transmit load signals from hook to display. It has a tare function to zero out fixed loads and the units of measurement are user selectable.

It has a reflective sunlight readable LCD display, optional analog/digital readout, optional external antenna for maximising reception, ball mount with other base options on request. It is powered via a standard rechargeable battery and is completely standalone and independent of the aircraft.

The other option is a sunlight readable touch screen that is preferred for duties such as crop spraying and complicated point to point flight paths. This can display maps, charts data table and other complex information. Additionally it will interface with Google Maps and other functions to provide high level information and control. This operates from the aircraft 24v power supply.