UK engineers to bloom at first post-Brexit Hanover

Hanover Fair will be the first major indicator of the post-Brexit export environment for the UK’s technology exporters, and should be a welcome relief after the four-year hiatus created by the referendum.

Mark Ingham of Banbury-based Sensor Technology Ltd has been a regular exhibitor at the keynote German event for many years and says UK exhibitors at 2017, ‘18 and ‘19 shows all felt as if they were in a state of suspension.

“My company is a bit insulated from market fluctuations because our products address very specific needs,” he says. “But people with more mainstream products and markets definitely felt uncertain in the international arena.”

Now though with the post-Brexit landscape beginning to firm up both suppliers and buyers are feeling more confident that they can offer continuity into the medium and long term.

“I have already spoken to some 2020 exhibitors and there is definitely a feeling of increasing optimism and confidence. The conversation has moved on from ‘what is going to happen’ to ‘we are moving forward and its up to us to create our own success,” he says.

Sensor Technology makes a range of high tech torque sensors, most based on piezoelectric measurement of the Raleigh waves created by rotating shafts. However this year it will be using Hanover to introduce extensions to its opto-electric torque sensors, which can detect very small and highly transient changes in torque.

“People building mini- and micro-machines or those who use high speed or high precision motors will be most interested in out new sensors,” says Mark. “They will be able to see them first at Hanover and we are hopeful of considerable interest.”