TorqSense RWT400 series torque transducer

Sensors will define the future of production and technology

This past year it has been difficult to open an engineering magazine and not read about the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 or Machine-to-Machine Communications (M2MC). But all the hype and predictions will come to naught if sensor manufacturers don’t rise to the challenges before them, says Tony Ingham... Read More

Mobile harbour equipment can automatically generate commercial information

Harbour sides are busy places, with ships docking, unloading one cargo, loading another and departing again as quickly as possible. Keeping track of all this activity and of their various and valuable cargoes is demanding yet vital, so it is best to automate as much as possible. Mark Ingham of... Read More

Making sense of real-time load measurement

The handling of dry bulk materials used to be a completely manual process, but it is now being increasingly automated in a drive to reduce both the costs and the risks of injury, while also increasing throughput and accuracy. We report on some of the new technologies behind these developments... Read More

Range of RWT torque sensors

Sensors: The Next Big Thing

Sensors being integrated into ever-more products and systems will be a key driver for technology developments for the next several decades. So says Mark Ingham of Sensor Technology Ltd in Banbury. Most people have had a tough few years, but as a sensor company we have been lucky. Many of... Read More

Drama As Helicopter Sensor Flies Into Theatre Role

Drama as Helicopter Sensor flies into theatre role

With theatres striving to create breath-taking spectacles and leave the audience gasping for more, there is often world-class engineering behind the scenes. A British company is developing technology to ensure safety when excited performers and heavy machinery share the same space. If live theatre is to compete with film and... Read More

Technology Transfer Tests Tree Safety

Technology Transfer Tests Tree Safety

Highway engineers and horticulturalists have adapted the latest in helicopter technology to solve a critical safety problem in their own industries, tree viability. Trees can transform a roadside verge, town-scape or recreation space with their beauty and their ability to capture carbon dioxide. But they also present a potential hazard:... Read More

Intelligenter Lastsensor

Available in other languages:   Ein in Großbritannien von Sensor Technology entwickelter intelligenter Lastsensor bietet alle erforderlichen Informationen, um die Effizienz zu optimieren und um die Rentabilität eines breiten Spektrums an Industriebetrieben zu steigern. Eine bei der vom 28. bis 29. September in Birmingham stattfindenden Sensing Technology Messe inzuführende Neuentwicklung... Read More

Smart Load Sensor

Available in other languages:   A smart load sensor developed in the UK by Sensor Technology provides all the information needed to optimise efficiency and increase profitability of a wide range of industrial operations. A new development to be launched at the Sensing Technologies exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC 28-29 September... Read More

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