ETD Transducer Display Interface

The Transducer Display ETD is a readout suitable for all SGR, ORT and RWT transducers. Although it is primarily used to display torque and peak torque, it can also display speed and power, provide access to the analog outputs from the transducer and connect the transducer to a PC for use with TorqView and the Transducer Control Program.

Key Benefits:

  • Displays torque, peak torque, speed* or power* in the units specified within the transducer
  • Automatically detects and displays the model, range, serial no. and calibration due date of the transducer
  • Provides auto reset of peak torque values
  • Provides power to the transducer in place of the standard power supply unit
  • Provides access to analog torque outputs and pulse speed* output
  • Provides USB output if used with SGR520/540, ORT240 or RWT420/440 series with USB option fitted
  • Displays warnings and high temperature if appropriate

* Provided transducer has speed option fitted and enabled

Technical Data:

Display LCD 20 x 4 STN BLUE
Display update rate 4Hz
Overall size 220w x 290d x 100h (Aluminium enclosure)
Weight 1.76 kg
Operating temperature range -10°C – 50°C
Power supply 90-250v AC, 50-60Hz, 10W, IEC connector
Channel 1 analog output As specified by transducer
Channel 2 analog output As specified by transducer
Pulse RPM Out TTL compatible
Serial output USB Type B
Connection to transducer Cable ACC-04


Torque transducer display interface